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About us

Qabiria is a translation and localization company specializing in the translation and adaptation of websites, mobile apps and technical documentation. We help software developers, webmasters, web designers and SMEs to compete in international markets by translating and adapting their content in over 20 languages. Qabiria was founded in 2008 in Barcelona, Spain, by three professional translators. Since the very beginning, the company has offered not only translation services to agencies and final customers -both in the technical and editorial field-, but also consulting services, technical support and training to language service providers. Over the years, we have carried out several projects, borderline between translation and technology/innovation, which you can find about here below.

Goals achieved

  • Elaboration of the business plan and start of the project with the support of theIMPO in Badalona(the organization for the promotion of employment and entrepreneurship of the city of Badalona, in Cataluna, Spain).
  • Establishment of the company by Sergio Alasia, Marco Cevoli and Carles Fernández Giua. Start of operations. After a first period as a supplier only of translations into Italian, thanks to the collaboration with over 100 selected linguists, Qabiria now also offers translations into the main European and non-European languages.
  • Collaboration as Premium Partner with ]project-open[, an open source system for project management preconfigured for translation agencies.
  • Launch of an add-on browser toolbar that increases translators’ productivity by gathering dozens of tools and useful links under one convenient interface.
  • Participation in the Proz Spanich Conference in Barcelona on automatic translation: past, present and future, with a presentation entitled Automatic translation and freelance translators: a difficult relationship.
  • Participation in the Proz Austrian Conference in Vienna with two presentations: The social value of a customized toolbar for translators and project managers and Project management outsourcing: a competitive advantage for both the client and the service provider.
  • Opening of a video channel on YouTube with the best technical tutorials for translators and project managers.
  • Publication of iFear on the Apple store, a dictionary of fears and phobias developed in cooperation with the Hippocampo psychology practice.
  • Launch of Allerglobal, a web application for the creation of multi-language sheets for travellers with allergies and food intolerances.
  • Launch of TradHostel, a microsite specialized in translations for the hotel and tourism industry.
  • Participation in the Barcelona Startup Weekend 2010, an event gathering would-be entrepreneurs, technicians and investors. This two-day workshop gave rise to a collaboration with the Spanish version of the Coupies project, an app to distribute coupons.
  • First place at the Global Sight Community Ideas Contest to improve Global Sight, an open source management software to handle all the different steps of the translation process. The award-winning idea consists in an add-on for the translation of short texts via instant messaging.
  • Launch of the mobile optimized version of quabiria.com.
  • Participation in the 3rd ProZ Spanish regional conference in Barcelona, dedicated to the "Practical aspects of translation, with two presentations: Social networking and the translator, in cooperation with Rubén de la Fuente and FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) Tools for translators, part 1: translation and quality control .
  • Collaboration with TAUS, the well-known resource centre for the language service industry, on the occasion of a study on the compatibility of open-standard assisted translation tools.
  • Participation in the international conference “TeTra3 - Technologies for translation” organised in Forlì by the Interpreting and Translation Department of the University of Bologna with a presentation entitled OmegaT 3.0. The true fee and open source alterantive to brand CAT tools? with a workshop on the same topic.
  • Participation in the ProZ International Conference in Pisa with two presentations: the first one entitled Localization: Setting up Multilingual Websites with Content Management Systems in collaboration with Andrea Spila and the second one entitled How to Review your Translation with 2 Free and Open-source QA Tools.
  • Participation in the Translator’s Day 2014 in Pisa, with a presentation entitled Doing things, meeting people, localizing websites and a workshop entitled Translator’s Toolbox: 10 indispensable applications, the latter in collaboration with Andrea Spila.
  • Launch of the new version of the website Qabiria.com, with a new graphical design and reorganised contents; the website is now completely responsive, i.e. it fully adapts to the device used to visualize the site.
  • Participation in the Master’s course in Tradumatics organised by the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, with a lesson on OmegaT.
  • Webinar entitled Quality control in translation with open source tools for the Federlingue trade association.
  • Webinar entitled Websites localization: a changing paradigm for the Federlingue association.
  • Presentation of OmegaT on the occasion of the MET-APTIC informal meeting in Barcelona.
  • Launch of the digital version of the Dizionario delle Combinazioni Lessicali (Dictionary of collocations) by Francesco Urzì, a project coordinated by Qabiria.
  • Launch of the Allerglobal smartphone app to create information sheets on one’s allergies and food intolerances (in collaboration with Mr. APPs).
  • Online course Introduction to project management for translators for STL Formazione.
  • In-class course entitled Websites localization: from HTML to translation proxy for the European School of Translation in Rome.
  • The collaboration with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona goes on: Marco is tutor for the final dissertations.
  • Partecipation in the international conference TriKonf 2015 in Freiburg, Germany, with two presentations: OmegaT ‘team project’ feature - A case study (Marco) and OmegaT, a free and open-source approach to translation (Sergio).
  • Online training course Dal curriculum vitae al portfolio online - Come presentarsi efficacemente for STL Formazione, Pisa, Italy.
  • Participation in the event Together 2016, organised by ELIA in Barcelona, Spain, with a presentation entitled OmegaT ‘team project’ feature - A case study.
  • Release of the first online self-paced training course on OmegaT in English.
  • The collaboration with Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona goes on: we teach the OmegaT module and Marco is once again tutor for the final dissertations.
  • Sponsorship of the Barcelona Italia Festival, 15-17 April 2016.
  • Participation in the event Italiano corretto, Pisa, Italy, 15-16 April 2016.
  • Participation in the event La Giornata del Traduttore 2016 in Pisa, Italy, with a joint speech together with Andrea Spila: Uscire dal guscio: esperienze innovative nell’industria delle lingue and a workshop entitled: Cat Tool a confronto: chi più spende meno spende?.
  • Webinar entitled Introduzione alla localizzazione web for AITI Emilia Romagna.
  • Two webinars entitled Introduzione ai CAT tool for STL Formazione.
Sergio Alasia | Translator and project manager


Translator, project manager, trainer, co-author of Guida completa a OmegaT.

Sergio Alasia studied Spanish Philology at the University of Turin, Italy, where he graduated with honours in 2003, after spending one year in the Canary Islands as an Italian intern teacher. After moving to Barcelona, he embarked on a career in the translation industry. As a translation project manager and Italian specialist, he joined a multinational company specialized in technical documentation, where he also took part actively in the implementation of a new corporate management system. Founding partner of Qabiria since 2007, Sergio now manages the areas of production, training and IT. He translates from Spanish, English and French into Italian and has good working knowledge of Catalan, Portuguese and German. As a literary translator, his Italian translation of the novel Nos dejaron el muerto by Canary Islands author Víctor Ramírez, was published under the title La stuoia di palma by Edizioni Estemporanee in 2006. The same novel has inspired the award-winning mobie The Wooden Box, directed by Juan Carlos Falcón. In 2012 he published, together with Marco, the first manual about a free and open-source CAT tool: Guida completa a OmegaT - Tecniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager.

LinkedIn / Twitter / Google+ / Personal website

Marco Cevoli | Translator and project manager


Technical translator, localizer and project manager, co-author of Guida completa a OmegaT.

He has a Master’s degree in Design and Multimedia Production from the University La Salle in Barcelona and graduated with honours in Foreign Languages and Literature at the Catholic University in Brescia. He has worked as a freelance translator since 1997. After four years in a corporation specialising in technical documentation and a few periods in translation companies of different size, he set up Qabiria in 2008. Since then he offers consulting and training services to translators and LSPs, while continuing his career as a technical translator from Spanish, English and German to Italian. In the last years he spoke at several conferences (ProZ, Translation Forum Russia, Com&Tec, TeTra3) and worked together with universities, training centres and industry associations in Italy and Spain. In 2012 he published, with Sergio Alasia, Guida completa a OmegaT - Tecniche, trucchi e consigli per traduttori e project manager, the first manual about OmegaT, the well-known open-source computer-assisted tool.

LinkedIn / Twitter / Google+ / Personal website

Camilla Pieretti | Translator, editor, proofreader


Translator, editor, proofreader.

After graduating with honours from the School for Interpreters and Translators (SSLMIT) of Trieste, she attended a postgraduate course in Literary translation at the Agenzia TuttoEUROPA in Turin. She started working as a freelancer in 2011, translating from English, Spanish, and Arabic into Italian. In 2010, she lived for a few months in Damascus, Syria and also in 2012 in Rabat, Morocco in order to improve her knowledge of the local language. In 2018 she moved to New Zealand. As an advanced user of CAT tools such as OmegaT, SDL Trados Studio, memoQ and several online translation tools, she has localized parts of important e-commerce and international start-ups websites. As a literary translator, she has translated several books from English into Italian, including Leonard Cohen on Leonard Cohen (Il modo di dire addio) by Leonard Cohen, The Impossible Exile (L’esilio impossibile) by George Prochnik, Expensive People (I ricchi) by Joyce Carol Oates, Led Zeppelin by Led Zeppelin and 50 Machines that Changed the Course of History (50 macchine che hanno cambiato il corso della storia) by Eric Chaline.

LinkedIn / Facebook / Profile on ProZ

Stefano Iuliani | Translator, localizer, subtitler


Translator, localizer, subtitler.

He has a Master’s degree in Tràdumatica from the Universitat Autònoma in Barcelona (UAB) and graduated with honours in Linguistics and translation for special purposes at the Orientale University in Naples (UNIOR). He begins his professional career in 2011, translating J.B.Freire’s book called “Una vita al massimo!”, for Aracne editrice. With the same publishing house, in 2014 he publishes his first book “Non tutte le vittime sono uguali” (Worthy and unwhorty victims), an investigation on western media manipulation about civilian casualties in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan. After several years of film studies and working one year for Primo Piano Produzioni Televisive, lands at RAI for a 6-month internship. Since then he offers editing and post-editing services as a freelance, while continuing his career as a translator from English, Spanish and French to Italian. He works together with several literary and arts magazines, and manages a new blog about music, film, tv series and society called Spacebar.

LinkedIn / ProZ

Alessandra Ghiazza | Translator and project manager


Translator, localizer and project manager.

She has a Master’s degree with honours in Literary Translation from the Universidad Complutense of Madrid (2016) with a thesis entitled “La traducción de los afectos familiares en la novela epistolar: Caro Michele de N. Ginzburg”. She graduated in Foreign Languages and Literatures at the University of Pisa (2015), specializing in German and Spanish. Currently, she’s attending a Master’s course in Translation Technologies (Tradumática) at the Universitat Autònoma of Barcelona, to acquire new skills regarding CAT tools (OmegaT, SDL Trados Studio, memoQ, Catalyst). She translates from German, English, Spanish and Portuguese, but has also knowledge of French and Catalan. She spent several study periods abroad to perfect her working languages in Weymouth, London, Berlin and Dortmund.


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