Archivarius 3000: file searching made easy

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Archivarius 3000: file searching made easy

One of the main needs for any professional whose work is bound to produce a large amount of documents is the possibility to effectively search for relevant content. During the years, the solutions offered natively by the Windows OS grew more and more effective, complete and fast, but still they struggle to offer support for the large variety of hardware and software archiving tools.

Archivarius 3000 by LikaSoft tries to provide a solution to these problems by offering an incredibly fast search engine which will work on most currently available and legacy hardware and software archiving supports. Moreover, it provides quite a few features which make it particularly appealing for translators and professionals archiving text documents in different languages and coding standards.

After the installation, the program will prompt you asking whether you would like to index your system. This operation will usually take a quite long amount of time even for small systems, but will have to be done only once. The selection of the indexed supports and file types can also be customized anytime. After the indexing of your system (or systems, since you can also run it on LAN or VPN networks), you can use different search criteria and the program will return any file containing matching text in a fraction of a second, just like having your own Google. And, by the way, although many of you will be reminded of Google Desktop, the Google application which served the same purpose, this program doesn't communicate any of your data to any server other than the one you may have it running from.

It can search through dozens of file types and dozens of archive formats (the complete list of supported file types is on the website) and even e-mail systems, searching not only e-mail messages but also attachments including compressed ones (it supports all the most popular formats, like Outlook, Outlook Express, The Bat!, PocoMail, Netscape, Mozilla, Firefox, and those that are compatible), and even a number of popular instant messengers message databases (ICQ, Odigo and Miranda).

Now, for the translation- and internationalisation-relevant features, this program supports 18 languages (namely English, German, Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, Ukrainian, Belarusian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, Greek, Portuguese, Polish, Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, and Swedish) and by language support meaning that 18 morphology modules will be searching for relevant results for your searches taking into account all the possible grammar forms.

Another interesting feature for translators is the full Unicode support and the support for 110 different encodings comprehending all European (e. g. Win-1252, DOS-850), all Cyrillic (KOI8-R, DOS-866), all Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Korean ones and even rare encodings like Kazakh, Armenian, Georgian, Thai, Tibetan, etc.

The program works on any version of the Windows OS since Windows 95 and the system requirements are ridiculously low (a Pentium 166 or later, 32 MB of RAM or more). Summarizing, Archivarius 3000 by Likasoft represents a complete, efficient and low-cost solution to your archive text searches, especially if your archives are constituted by documents written in different languages and with different encodings, which would be often the case if you are a translator or a translation agency.

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